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  • @marjan2241 Thank you very much, I truly appreciate it, I will try it today and i will let you know!

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  • @santiagob96 k.appreciate it too

  • I wonder what the hell is going on with match engine, it seems results are based 90% on luck factor

    I can't even believe this is possible

    In app battles, first match vs equal team I use 442A wing play vs 4231, result: 4-0 for me

    Keep in mind that I've been using this 442A vs 451,4231 and mainly 433A with GREAT SUCCESS, emphasis on great success, never lost with this tactics vs these match ups only drew and 80% of the time won

    Now, I'm playing against a much weaker team with my 442A setup, opponent has 433A, so to test my tactic I go on and play a friendly against their strongest team (Monterrey obj.1) which was worth 40M more than my opponent, won 4-1 in friendly with statistics overwhelming completely.

    Next friendly I play against their obj 3., won friendly 5-0!! Keep in mind that in both friendlies I used 442A wing play while both of them was 433A set with their strongest teams

    NOW to the match


    Check my GK rating


    My team :

    His team :


    HOW !?

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    @liedson-levezinho Right , ok I can see that you were well pissed off by this score but trust me you are not the only one that got such results and I will try to share my opinion with you about it.
    About friendlies : I use them every time to test my own settings before a match round but I try to do it to a time close to Simulation, making sure that the opposite team has already a full line up and tactics are set up.
    Also , please keep in mind that when we choose to play a friendly our team is placed always at Home .
    Now Home advantage and even more an upgraded Pitch level can do the difference even for a weaker line up. And my friend your real match was played Away for your side and looks like you chose to play in an offensive style. Not defensive one or not even neutral one. Just guessing here... I believe if it was a Home match for you , you'd probably be the winner again.

  • @supernova-8 I see your point but I don't think you fully understood mine, so I'll address some of your points because I really want to know why this randomness happened

    Friendlies : I did play the friendlies 4 min before the match simmed that's exactly what I wrote in my post

    Real match opponent : squad value 65M

    Teams faced in friendlies : Full strength lineups with 120M squad value and 105M squad value each, even so I know friendlies are not the most reliable, but if I won 4-1 and 5-0 in friendlies, against teams with FULL STRENGTH lineups, and BOTH used 433A in the friendlies I was fairly certain my tactic would not fail me, which I re-emphasize in about 30+ games against (4231, 451, 433A especially) I never, never ever lost

    Now let's compare teams my dear, because even if you tell me there's home advantage (2% it's the beggining of the app battle) there's no way in hell that the disparity would be so big for them to win 5-1 against me:

    Their keeper vs my keeper

    Zieler (79 rating) vs Ochoa (90!!) rating - I beg you to focus your attention here, my keeper is better by (11!) rating points than his, and I end up getting 5 goals in my net ??? Having never lost vs 433A with this tactic?

    His defence vs mine

    Ponce (74) vs Aguilar (80)
    Hansen(73) vs Martinez (78)
    Van Rankin (71) vs Luiz Felipe (78)
    Bartley(73) vs Kabasele (78)

    Alright defence is a bit more even, but still each one of my defenders has a difference of 5 rating points or more!!

    His Midfield vs mine

    Chakvetadze (80) vs Tousart (86)
    Szoboszlai (77) vs Rodirguez G (81)
    Molina (77) vs Locatelli (78)
    vs Beneddeti (78)

    Even midfield but still I got the advantage

    His Forwards vs mine

    Vega (75) vs Calvert Lewin (86)
    Brizuela (74) vs dos Santos (86)
    Sandoval (72)

    Difference of atleast 11 rating points between our forwards!! How can you tell me, that his forwards

    who average 74 rating scored 5 goals against my 90 rated keeper

    while my average 86 rating forwards scored only 1 goal against his 79 rated keeper?

    Admins what is going on here?

  • Hi

    I need numbers for 6-3-1A counter attack zonal marking no offside

    I think i should go for it because i am playing as wolves in premier against all players, no computer

    Especially marjan help me here.

  • @gilbert-gentania what are the sliders for 451 sos 39 29 59

  • @melihvzr home use 100 25 59 away 100 10 59.good luck.

  • @marjan2241 @MelihVzr Be careful with this much pressure, especially in games where the referee is high orange / red, as you'll be more prone to get red carded

  • ![@marjan2241 said in Tactics Requests:

    @melihvzr home use 100 25 59 away 100 10 59.good luck.

    0_1566472857629_1.png 0_1566472861373_2.png

    Does this work for 6-3-1?

    Question 1: is Support Midfield, Push Forward and Defend deep options correct? for 6-3-1 A?

    Question 2: Which one is better counter attack? 5-4-1 SOS or 6-3-1 A CA for Wolves in Premier League

  • @melihvzr def stay mid suport defence attack stay.every thing else is fine 631a or b or 5311 use for counter attack.sliderr are the same.good luck.

  • @marjan2241 always 631 or 5311 works wery well.

  • @sergiu-il you wright but that is normaly presures are all about referee.

  • @marjan2241 is it correct?

  • @melihvzr yes this is correct.pay attention to refferee if hes red lover preasure to 70 or less but never under 60

  • @marjan2241 or you use for 6311 same tactics

  • @melihvzr put winger defence on the wing do not use as a central defender taglificio on the wing.defenders with lets say 33 85 put them on the wing.good luck

  • i have important match against 442 A SOS final cup my team is stronger than him what is best tactics to beat him guys

  • @hemozz22 play 442 wing play zonal no ofside everyone stay 62 65 59.good luck

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