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  • @Spicenberg 433 against camp? I dont suggest. If you play against training camp, you must choose 451-4231-5311-532 or 631(maybe). 451 and 4231 playable balanced too. I suggest 451 balanced game for this match. Because this is away match with opponent's camp. Crowd midfield big advantage really. Fw support midfield, others stay ( because your team is good, not necessary defensive play even TC). All slides balanced (between 40-59 maybe style 35 for minimum risk). Zonal marking and no offside. Etc slides : 45-35-45 or 45-50-45 like. Good luck. And if you want use camp too, you can play 442b passing game with half offensive play ( etc. 59-70-59) or 442a wing play same etc

  • Hi, I need some help for tonight. I´m playing away against an equal team, I´m second of the league and he is first. He uses 433A with WP mostly in his games. My team squad value is 26.8M and he is 27M. The referee is orange. He uses to play with man marking and no off side trap.

    Thank you.

  • 442A wp normal 51-49-59

  • hai guys im starting to play OSM today, my 2nd match is agains 5311 WP, what the most suitable strategy? and can you guide me with all strategy in OSM... thks

  • Hello everyone,

    Today I play a very important match against a slightly better opponent (in terms of team value). I play away, his level is 3, he plays 433B wp zonal marking no offside. Which counter tactic can I use? I do not expect him to do a training camp. The referee is green.

    Thank you!

  • @Duxtar_NL I usually use 5-3-2, 5-3-1-1 or 5-2-3 when facing a stronger team; it works most of the time.
    My preferred SoP for these formations is Counter-attack. Tempo should be higher 60 but the other two slides should be around 30 only. Defense and midfield stay, forwards attack only (or if you want to be more defensive, midfield support defense). Zonal marking and no offside.
    I hope this can help you.

  • @nguyen147 I prefer same but i always choose mf support df for defensive games. That's my opinion.

  • Hi all,

    Tonight I play against a slightly better team. My teamvalue is 168M and his teamvalue 174M. His formation is 442B.
    His tactics:
    Shoot on sight
    Zonal Marking
    NO offside
    Tackle careful

    Which formation and tactic is the best to use against this team?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @013forever_NL 442a wing play with balanced slides (between 40-59). Zonal marking. No offside

  • i am starting a new season with Al Rayaan and the goal is 3
    till now i was using 433b formation with 59 pressing 59 style 59 tempo passing style of game and could only achieve objective cup but not the champion or domestic cup

    can anyone help me to change my tactics for 433b formation ??

  • @ROHIT-MAHALI maybe 60+ press needed? Try 65-60-59(for more possesion against opponent) or risky option is 60+ tempo.

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm playing an opponent whose players are all in the 90ies apart from strikers. Mine are all a minimum of 104. The game I'm playig is away, my players are better, opponent is playing aggressive, 433A, shoot on sight, offside trap, man marking. What tactics should I choose? Thanks in advance!

  • @Bahadır-K
    I'm home against 532

  • Today i have a match against m united they are home. Im man city. I need some tactics since im new to the game

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