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  • @sina1100 I am also starting match day 1 next with Wolves and it is not impossible to build slowly to 90s with your players as you have a relatively young squad. So far I have no one over 90 yet.

    I took Watford in a similiar situ to 2nd in my last EPL so it is about the right TL and game play tactics.

    Also they have the potential for a nationality bonus. I will probably buy Gelson Martins for that.

    As a tip you could start with 5 3 2 as it is strong v bigger teams with counterattack and you can play wings and passing. You need a quality and depth in your back line, good FBs and a CB/FB like Roberston or Klostermann. As they can be use effectively as a middle baöll playing and slightly attacking CB.

  • hey guys, right now i'm playing with 4-3-3A formation, i have ~75 Mil. $ to upgrade my squad or get some good bench players.

    My Squad:

    Neymar 102, Rashford 97, Suso 96

    Bakayoko 99, Alli 100, A. Vidal 99

    Stones 97, Ramgnoli 96, Akanji 97, Bellerin 95

    Donnaruma 103

    For offense bench i have Higuain 95, Midfield Kessie 88, Biglia 89 and Defense i have Vrsajlko 89.

    I was thinking about going 5-2-3 formation instead and get myself Gimenez 100 for 38 Mil or Pavard 96 for 28 Mil.

    would you get one of them and change formation or just get some upgrades/bench players? There's also Ramsey 106 for 73 Mil. on market.

  • @uffjaamk Biglia is gone and i have around 100 Mil now

  • @uffjaamk

    I would suggest a good back up formation for 4 3 3 is 3 4 3 A. Focusing a little on that good front line you have. You might need to beef up the mids to a couple more in the 90s. I have used 4 3 3 and 3 4 3 to success both with my treble winners RB Leipzig, Derby and have taken over a failing Villareal to at present 6th and probably finish 4th when season ends.

    5 2 3 (long ball or counterattack) I would suggest is just more an emergency formation v 3 4 3 itself or 3 3 4 long ball.

  • @wilson-arias-1 hi I’m playing against someone who plays man marking,4-3-3 a and 6 nationality boost, I lost 5-1 to him when I was away and we both put training camps, now I have a cup semi final match against him and I would like to know the tactics please I play 4-3-3 a wing play 55/60/55, even if you don’t reply soon enough for the game help me win against him in my next home match against him. Thank you.

  • @jose-mourinslut when you adversary have a better tactic according with his team It's very hard to beat him , try to play 65-65-70 at home or all 60 with offside and for today I will say how I'd play that game , try 6-3-1 A counter attack positions to bellow similar to 30/45 -29-60/75 , 4-5-1 S.O.S forward help the midfield and the rests normal 80/85-60/70-85/90 zonal and with offside ( the better defender should have the man of the córner) , or you also can play 5-4-1 S.O.S or counter attack 40-40-75

  • Hi guys can you help me pls?

    If i play passing/counter and the others is it good to play highest rated players in def/mid/att in the middle and if i play wing play highest rated on the wings def/mid/ att?

    Thanks alot

  • @hans-orf what tactic would you suggest with 4-3-3 A and 3-4-3 A? I mean help the midfield or stay at front, offside, zonal and so on

  • @uffjaamk

    Depends on your players and opponent. I tend to use wings with 4 3 3 and passing with 3 4 3 A. However when I have the right squad or game either are possible.

    I have seen some guys use 4 3 3 counterattack but I am not familiar with that one.

  • If you play wing play where you play highest rated players on flangs or middle?

  • @stevemicallef0 The way I see it comes from the payers stats. What I do is put the defenders with most attack value at the wings, same with midfielders and with attackers the best you have. Since you'll be attacking with that set of players, but also depends a bit on the formation you use. Yet again, that is my opinion.

  • @stevemicallef0

    It is a good idea to use sth like sofifa or transfermarkt to see where the players natural or playing positions are.

    However, OSM does not always have corresponding stats to these positions i.e. Martial is a winger but has a low def stat.

  • @mariocg5 4-3-3 A if the diferentes not is a lot wings play , with offside midfielders attack and the rest normal o default porcentages 60-70 like 65-60-70 or 60-69-65

  • Sup lads, against a better team than me who is playing 442b wp zonal offside yes and reckless what can I use? Match is away and I lost using a 433b wp (zonal offside yes 75/55/75 all players stay in their positions) on a friendly at home.

  • Hello guys, I've been playing 4-4-2-A and 4-3-3-B, both on wing play.

    And I think I have more possession when I play 4-3-3-B, although I've read that more midfielders should win the battle for the ball.

    Any thoughts on this matter?
    Do you agree?

    Thank you!

  • @abur3d Wing play and defending deep. Try that

  • @moistchebureki and if you dont use wing play what you do pls?

  • @stevemicallef0 Even if you don't use wing play it still makes sense to do that. Players on the wings will be the ones moving the most, either attacking or defending; so by that reasonment, attackers with high defense stats on the wings, defenders with high attack stats on the wings, and as for midfielders, look at your formation and if they are positioned above midfield pick the ones with equal or higher attack value, under midfield higher or equal defense value.

  • @moistchebureki so on defence i play on the wings defenders with best attack stats..an on attack i play the fowards with best defence stats?

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