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  • @kutupalingbusuk try 4-3-3 A or 4-4-2 A WP zonal offside:yes the porcentages pressure : 50-60 , Style : 50-58 passes : 50,55 or 60 ( I'd played of that porcentages) ever WP is very effective vs PG , if you want to be carifull or if you don have enogh player for that tactic 4-2-3-1 S.O.S

  • @wilson-arias-1 I am returning to the forums to see if there are any new tactics. Contrary to the belief 4 5 1 can be used as an attacking formation. You simply set it up different. A good RM or LM with attacking attributes. An MC who has attacking ability such as Keita or even Henderson. One AMC defensive and one attacking. Two good att FBs to support the RM and LM as well as 2 FBs come CBs with att in 20s I.e Klostermann support the midfield. This can be used as an SOS or passing with push fwd and attack only. An att CF and a def CF. With SOS set sliders same as you would 4 2 3 1. With passing all depends on how confident your players are at passing anything from 59 - 80. Try it out!

  • @hans-orf The return of the master hans orf 😉 hello friend and yep that's rigth 4-5-1 it can be offensive , but all of this depends first the value of your team and the rest of the positions and the goal , I usually play with teams that they have as an goal 9 or 12 for that I ever find tactic defensive according to my goal. this game all the time is try and fail but to the end the reward is a good tactic.

  • Hello, I need urgent help. I am west ham and I´m playing 4-2-3-1 sos (man marking, 55 neutral, 75 pressure, 75 high speed passing, strikers only attack, midfielders push forward, defenders stay deep) and i dont score almost goals despite the fact i always control the match with clear difference. What can I do? I use this formation against better teams and i always get a draw or lose.

  • And another question. When i must use high or less pressure? And zonal or man to man marking?

  • @feranmar152 high or low pressure depend of your tactic and how you want that the players will move in the pitch for example : counter attack play with low pressure , because your team awaits in their part of the pitch for late to attack , vrs S.O.S normally i use a high pressure for recovering the ball. The porcentages of pressure will depende of your game style and try and fail.

    The offside and marking : when you play with the defence up like full backs or support the mid....you use the offside

    Marking : zonal when you have 5 or least players in you defence and man marking 6 defensor also you can try combination with this part , when I play protec the defense I play with man marking because you have 7 or mor players back 😉

  • Against better teams @Feranmar152 I normally run 5-3-2 with counterattack, defense play wings, mid stay, fwds attack only. This almost always works for me as it is getting goals with solid defense. The few times i have lost it was a 0-1 when the other team was 2-3 times my value.

  • @elcacho10 and what pressure, style and passing do you use?

  • like my messages please haha trying to get to 10 so i can respond more often @Feranmar152...

    When i play that 5-3-2 I play high pressure 65 so that my forwards can pressure as soon as the opponent uses the ball, passing i use 50 neutral passes I think if it was high passing it allows for too much mistakes and low passing would not work for the counter so i think neutral passing allows the formation to do what its supposed to. I also put the style as defensive at 38 so its defensive but not overly.

  • @wilson-arias-1 said in Tactics Requests:

    @tripple-ccc you could play 5-3-2 WP , 4-4-2 WP or the clásico 4-3-3 b WP

    The 343b passing beat 442 WP and 433b wp easy.
    I read the best is 451 SOS?

  • 433b passing is solid too from what i see on forums it seems to be OP

  • @elcacho10 thank yo very much. I hope that has nice results!

  • @Feranmar152 @Tripple-CCC help each other

  • I dont think 433b pass will work against 343B with 4 midfielders because 442B pass is strong against 433b wing so 343B should also be strong against 433b?

  • I would think that 343 has its weakness at defense although you have a good offense a 433 has a solid defense with similar offense potential? I would think 433 would beat it since it has better defense than 433 ... they're both going to generate similar amount of opportunities but one will have better defense...

  • i look forward to testing it0_1533072327039_Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.25.05 PM.png

  • unless that person had 442b WP 433b beat it ... similar budget and they were actually ranked higher.. i came into the league at day 6

  • Yes but when he playes 343B passing he has one midfielder more than 433B and passing will be strong against lesser number of midfielders?

  • sorry but i have not enough defenders now ( only 4 haha). Could you tell me another good line up and tactics against a better team instead of 5-3-2? i will try 5-3-2 when i buy more defenders. The other teams almost always play 4-3-3 WP if this helps

  • You can try going 3-5-2 but i think others have already mentioned that and put defensive mindset, maybe play counter with mids support defense and fwds attack only.

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