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  • about to play 433b passing vs 4-2-3-1 (alternative to 4-5-1) im a better team so they're trying to load the mid and shoot on sight.. get long shots or one break away... im trying to build the play but since they have a loaded mid im and 1 forward im going to have the defense support the mid and pressure up high with off site. This makes sense in my head and have the forwards focus on attacking... lets see how it goes

  • @elcacho10 and 4-2-3-1 sos wasnt a good tactic against 4-3-3 WP? I have always read that this formation was a counter and that it works well, but when i use it although i control the match clearly, i have problems to score goals and i usually draw or lose. Why i have by far more shoots and i dont win? If you could answer, thanks.

  • Im not sure if it is or its not haha im saying that IMO it makes sense that you don't score because shots are from mids mostly from far since you have one forward... once it plays out i might change my mind but i think 4-2-3-1 can be countered by 4-3-3B i think 5-3-2 is a good counter given that its defensive, plays the counter and you have 2 fwds attacking... much more solid than the 4-2-3-1 but we shall see

  • It almost makes sense that a 4-2-3-1 is looking at a tie by holding most of the game in the mid with long shots to get lucky

  • @elcacho10 so in your opinion i should change my formation to 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 no? I think you are right and 4-2-3-1 is just the luck of the shoots so that i could win or not, maybe i win 3-0 or maybe i draw 0-0

  • You're correct I would suggest you try those formations with counts, defensive style, mids stay, defense play wings if youre 5-3-2 if not then just stay, and fwds attack only..

  • 5-3-2 is better but if you don't have defenders then 3-5-2 is second best have defense stay, mid stay and forwards attack, play passing keep possession and defensive

  • my games are about to start i will let you know tomorrow how i did vs the 4-2-3-1

  • played a different game i was better than them maybe 2times better but i was 433b vs 4-5-1 they had 4 shots made no goals and game was played 59% in the mid @Feranmar152 it kinda agrees with my logic of keeping the ball mid and hoping for a good shot

  • played another one same strength i was 433b vs 4-2-3-1 again possession in the mid 54% they had 9 shots and scored 0 i had 10 shots scored 1 ... possession was 48-52 . So again it seems like 4-2-3-1 tries to keep it mid with lucky shots up top

  • Need help with converting more opportunities. I have by far the best team in the league, I use 433B WP Att only / Push forward / Defend deep, zonal mark no offside, all three sliders are 79...

    1_1533078387158_Knipsel.PNG 0_1533078387158_4.PNG

  • okay, thank you very much!! @elcacho10

  • @wilson-arias-1 hello, could you tell me which tactics do you use with 4-2-3-1 sos?? I am using it and i am having problems with scoring goals and winning. am west ham and almost all of my rivals play 4-3-3 WP

  • @elcacho10 do you use man-marking with this?

  • @elcacho10 and zonal or man to man marking? and offside?

  • It doesnt Matter if a player has 25 years old or 27-28? Te Game says that 25-29 are experienced players but I dont know if 25 and 28 years old players have the same experience

  • @keizer-keisuke

    Sometimes it can be down to the wrong combination of strikers which you have to use trail and error with.

    One thing you could try if your team is so strong is change the setup to attacking fullbacks, stay, attack only. As FBs often cross the ball well your AMR and AML are already high up the pitch to assist. A good combo for three upfront I find is a good winger, striker and a secondary striker e.g. with a def stat in the 20s such as Firmino.

    Also look at sofifa for good goal scoring mids like Arnold, Forsberg, Soler, Hughes and Rodriguez.

    Having the best value sqaud does not always mean high scoring success. It could be the other managers see your strength and set up defensively.

    Good luck!

  • HI guys how can I counter a 352 passing game knowing that my team is weaker and I play away

  • @hans-orf I'm playing against a very weak opponent. I will try the attacking fullbacks and instead of wing play, I'm also going to the test the passing game. Both my fullbacks have 35+ att. My wingers have 40+ def and my center forward -10 def. Let's hope for tons of goals this time!

  • @kutupalingbusuk I use zonal, somewhere i read to put zonal unless you have 5+ defenders

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