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  • @benjaminoo great job .stick to it

  • Hello guys,
    I've been using a 5311 tactic (counter attack 100 19 85) I found on this forum and it has been very effective. However, today I've faced an opponent who played 424 long ball in the cup and he smashed me 3-0. I'm facing him again in the league in 4 days and I'm wondering if there's any known formation/tactic/slider value to counter his 424 longball. My team value is 660M and his is 731M.
    Thanks in advance!

  • @elstigroe It's hard to beat a team with good forwards, but It's possible the difference between both team is big I recommend to you , play 4-3-3 A WP with all positions standar ( forwards on attack , midfielders stay on the midfield and soon) I believe that you lost because with counter attack , you cannot control the
    possession of the ball so the majority of chances to score are for your adversary now try to play Wings , Normally you'd win if you also have good luck on the simulation.

    Good luck 😉

  • Hello managers! Today I play agianst a weaker team then mine his value is 279 and mine is 479. He is playing 4-2-2B passing game, man mark. How should I play to win?:)

  • Which is the best tactic of 433 with a good squad?

  • Hello managers! Today I play agianst a weaker team then mine his value is 279 and mine is 479. He is playing 4-2-2B passing game, man mark. How should I play to win?:) I play home

  • Hey guys! I am playing away today against a team in the same level, he is using 442b. I am thinking of using 433b wp, or should I use another plan, any advice?

  • Hello can someone explain me how Pressure,style and tempo is working?

  • @wilson-arias-1 Thank you! Can you also recommend me values for the slideds (pressure style tempo)?

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    Posted by @bossissimo02

    @bossissimo02 said in 442b tiki:

    Playing away from home against Milan, he has a little stronger team and plays with 442b tiki taka, no offside and man marking

  • Hello,

    I play in 1hr a weaker team (Wolves) and I am Chelsea. I played the first match against Fulham with a much, much worse team and it ended 3-3. I was running 4-3-3B and he was running 4-4-2B.

    Wolves should be playing 4-3-3, what would you go with? I played a lot of friendly matches using 3-4-3A and got good resuts.

    Here's a screenshot of my team (roster. squad is still training but you get an idea)


  • @xterno50 what tactic is he using if 433 passing try 442a wingplay with 75 press zonal marking and no offside trap
    if he's using 433 wing play try 433 or 343 passing with 50 press man marking and offside trap
    if he's playing any other tactic use 433 or 343 wing play

  • @xterno50 Depends on whether you're home or away and if he's got his stadium leveled if you're away. If you're at home and have the better team, you can play 433B. If you're away, both 4231 and 451 SOS work pretty well. Especially 451, I've never lost a game when I've played 451 against 433B (ofc excluding the times I get a player sent off or the opponents goes to training camp). But if you plan to use 4231 or 451, use a high press, maybe 90+. That makes sure you don't concede too many goals, but there's an increased injury risk.

  • @pablo-garciag4 I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Sorry didn't work 😜 😂

    Style - Pretty much your intentions of the match, how offensive or defensive you wish to play. It works the same way in-game as in real life football. The more offensive you are, more chances you create. Now you must note that I don't say 'better' chances here. The quality of your chances depends on the quality of your players. Not always large quantity necessarily means good quality 😉 Of course if you try to play offensive against an offensive opponent, quite simply, the better team wins. If you wanna win as the underdog, you need to play more careful, maybe more defensive or on the counter. One more thing you need on your side is luck, lots of it.

    Tempo - This will be how quick you move the ball when in possession, dictates the pace of the game. I wouldn't necessarily say there's a 'good' tempo to use. All of them have their uses, well, most of them. Games with lower tempo will usually have lesser shots on goal, for both you and your opponent. So lesser chances for you to both score and concede. Higher tempo is usually used by both highly offensive and highly defensive teams. Good offensive teams move the ball quick to create more chances. And defensive teams, especially those playing counter-attack, also benefit by a quick tempo as you need to attack as soon as you win back the ball. But I must emphasize this, a low tempo isn't necessarily a bad thing just as a high tempo doesn't guarantee you a win. Everything depends on what fits you tactic. One of the best teams I've seen in my lifetime used slow build-up possession play and conquered Europe with it.

    Pressing - Unlike the other two, pressing comes into play only when you don't have the ball. It dictates how much pressure you put on the opposition players when they are in possession. The higher the press is, the better are your chances of winning back the ball. I must also admit that this is more suited for defensive play than offensive play. That's because, when you are the more attacking team, you'll likely have more of the ball, so a really high pressure isn't always necessary. On the other hand, if you're playing as the lower quality team or if the opponent is about as strong as you, you need to make sure that the opponent doesn't have much of the ball, or that they don't do much when they have it. So you need to apply a lot of pressure on the opposition and force them into mistakes. That's why a high press is very suitable for teams playing counter-attacking football. Before you ask, pressing doesn't affect you getting booked by the referee, both here and in real life. That's because you can press the opponent without making any contact at all. But what pressing does affect quite a lot, is the health of your players. A high press places a lot of strain on the players. Whenever you play a high press, usually 75+, you notice that the players' condition drops pretty fast, and they are also more likely to pick up an injury during the game.

    Again, there's no one-size-fits-all. Use whatever settings suit best your team's line up and formation.

  • someone answer me how to use 4231 and 451 i tried many tactics for it but failed to reach a good tactic for it

  • Hey guys, what's the best formation and tactic to counter 4-3-3A SOS man marking in away match?

  • @mohahat said in Tactics Requests:

    someone answer me how to use 4231 and 451 i tried many tactics for it but failed to reach a good tactic for it

    Try :
    451 sos, zonal, no offside, attack help mid, mid stay, def deep, 45-40-62
    4231 sos, zonal, no offside, attack stay, mid stay, def deep, 60-70-70
    You have to modify position of attack and mid in function of value and tactic/formation of your opponent.
    Adjust tempo, style and pressing in function of your player and value of your opponent formation

  • is the wing play good against passing game?
    i know counter is good but my team near to him what can i do against 433b passing

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    @al9joker it is good if you want to play attacking, but you should pay attention to your tactical details again

  • How can i counter a team a little weaker than mine that play 433B wing play n offside trap and man marking i play in his stadium

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