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  • @supernova-8 hello bro Im playing away versus a team which is half my value!
    he uses 4-4-2 B with SOS. I'm currently using 3-4-3 B with passing and all positions neutral... Do you know of a tactic for an assured win ?? I am playing away

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  • Hey guys I have a really big game against my friend he is using a 433A aggressive tackling and using a training camp also he is using a wing play tactic no offside and man marking. I was think of using 433B with calm tackling (ref is on red) and counter attacks where I sit deep but have a attacking bar and a high tempo also he is playing as Liverpool and I'm wolves can someone help

  • How to Play against 433A Passing Game, Offside OFF, Man Marking, it is a computer. But 433A or B with passing game, it's hard to counter sometimes.

    How I can counter 433A Passing Game style? My time is equal or little better, I will play outside and is against a computer (Manchester United) default team, I'm Arsenal.

  • @analgejico if you are playing against computer chances are they might change tactics last minute. If your team is better use a 4-3-3 play wide, zonal, no offside and all at 70%. If not try a defensive 4231 shoot on sight. Good luck.

  • i am starting a new season with AA GENT and the goal is 3
    till now i was using 433b formation with 61 pressing 61 style 61 tempo passing style of game and could only achieve objective cup but not the champion or domestic cup

    can anyone help me to change my tactics for 433b formation ??

  • Hi Managers, I don´t usually ask about tactics because I try to crack it myself, but I´ve been struggling with this question:

    • If I play agains an opponent who uses 442 B wing play, and we both have very similar teams (playing for cup in neutral ground), would you reccomend to go with the usual offensive 433 wing play or to use a more defensive strategy and win in the middlefield with a defensive 451 SOS??

    Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

  • @samrat_99 if your opponent has a way stronger team than yours, and he´s also using a training camp, I would reccomend you to go with a really defensive tactic: which could vary between 451, 631, 541 SOS or Counter attack, depending on how you like to play, the values of your players and how well has that team perform against any of these tactics.
    Good luck!! 🙂

  • @sagitario12 Usually the counter tactic of 442B is a defensive style AND if you play possession. For example i have tried using 442A Pass or 451 SOS. ( IF you are sure that you are both, try more offensive midfield like 4-2-3-1 SOS ) At least it works for me. GL In cup m8.

  • Hello

    I would need some advice about how to beat a "computer" 451CA tactic

    • No Home Advantage
    • Line-Ups values pretty comparable (my midfilders are more on the attacking/all-around side)
    • Enemy team's tactics: Counter-attack, Man marking, no Offside trap, playing Normal
    • Referee has blue color

    Thank you

  • @quorks Play an offensive 433 b or a, both work

  • What are the best advanced tactics for 4-3-3?

  • do the old game engine tactics still work?

  • Hello,
    I play against a team of squad value 153 M and i have a squad worth 134 M, he has better attackers and defenders, while my goalkeeper and midfield are superior. Against weaker teams he plays 433 b with 70 70 70 and WP. I play at home, my tactic against weaker teams is the same but what do i do now ?


  • @ja-sam-bratee squad value doesnt really impact matches 🤔

  • Hi guys im playing cup final against a way stronger team than mine, the guy plays 4-5-1 S.O.S, I'm able to play any tactic, I have 2 decent forwards, 4 decent mids, 4 decent defenders and im still able to make 1-2 good transfers to make any formation work. Btw. he has zonal marking, no offside trap and reckless tackling. Game is in 2 hours, need help please.

  • Hello guys, tonight im playing home match, 1st match of the season(stadium lvl:0), ref is orange and my opponent is playing 433b wp zonal, no offside trap, i have better attackers, his mid is better than mine and defense is equal, how should i play?

  • @e-u-g-e-n-e Not true at all atlough I can see your point, the ratings of the starting line up are of bigger importance when analyising a match

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    @supernova-8 said in Tactics Requests:

    Good day everybody ! 🙂

        Advice About Tactics Requests 

    While asking for tips on your tactics it is best if you guys share a few basic infos about your upcoming match:

    1⃣ Which team has the Home Advantage & what is the Level of the Stadium Pitch right before the match ( use your Spy ) ?
    2⃣ Which one of the 2 teams is expected to have the strongest first 11 line up for that round ? ( Both Ratings & Fitness matter )
    Note I wrote First 11 Line up , not total squad value !
    3⃣ Which formation & settings is your opposition expected to use ( Spy infos ) ?
    4⃣ What kind of Referee do you have on for the upcoming match ( Level of Strictness ) ?

    By sharing these basic infos about your match you get better chances of getting a good reply about your own potential settings . 😉

    @sergiu-il I agree with you . 👍

  • @supernova-8 Thank you Sofie! Haven't been in the forums for a long time so let me elaborate a bit more about this subject because it can lead to wrong interpretations of it

    @E-U-G-E-N-E Saying that squad value doesn't impact the outcome of a match is completely false because you'd be disregarding not only the value of the starting line up but also the options on the bench that the opponent has.

    Not only that but a richer squad also sells players for bigger amounts so a team like this has the advantage of having good players for the starting line up and bench but also has the buying power in case a player gets injured or suspended he can be replaced easily for another great player

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