Question about Spy

  • It's been a long time since I've played this and unsure on how the spy works. Does he automatically update his report if our opponent makes any changes?
    Because I think earlier today according to the spy's report my opponent was using 4-2-3-1 and now it says 4-4-2B and that makes sense because when I checked it showed that my opponent was online a while ago so he might have changed his formation.

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    @Exter98 Hello mate & welcome back to the OSM game and forums. ☺

    About the SPY ( oh it's my favourite employee for every league I play I tell ya, haha )
    Yes from the moment that he returns to you, after he's done with his spying duties, his report refreshes automatically every time the manager that you had spied changes his settings for the up-coming match.
    This way even if your opposition decides to use a sudden training camp or secret training you can still get informed about it up to the last minute before the simulation's kick off. If you won't be able to view his report it means your opponent just used a secret training on you! 😉

    I absolutely love the 'wicked' spy ! :rofl: