Scout doesn't work the way it says it works

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    So i wanted to scout a defense player with an English nationality from 90+ def. I didn't pick a age nor competition, and used 16 coins to get a instant scout. Now i got 3 defenders, but non of them were from the english nationality. So i thought, did i do it wrong? So i tried again, another 16 coins, and again i got 3 defenders, but still no player with a English nationality. Is this a known bug?

    And a question on the other side, why isn't the scouting like it used to be? Because i remember scouting players with a age, min-max price and competition along with position always worked great. There was even a nice scout list for that.

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  • hi, @CoachVanHetBierTeam_NL

    i scouted a forward with a germany nationality from +70 but all of them were true. i didn't see something wrong. maybe there is a bug on your phone or pc. by the way, you can play from mobil or pc?

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    You're playing Crystal Palace in the English Premier League. I don't know if you know this, but almost all (if not all) English nationalty players play in the English Premier League. You can't scout players from your own league, so that really narrows the possibility (if not make it impossible) of finding English nationality players when you are playing in England. Especially 90+ rated players.

    If the scout doesn't come back with players within the criteria you let the scout search, it means that there are no more players available meeting those criteria. Which means you will have to change the criteria.

    You can make an offer on any of the players within you own league, so if you want any of those 90+ defenders then make an offer on a player you are interested in.

    Gamebasics decided to change the scouting mechanics. Since you can no longer scout a specific player there was no more need for the scoutlist or a min-max price.

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    @fc-eddie_nl Thanks Eddie 👍