Error when going to Rankings on all my browsers.

  • Everytime when I want to go to rankings it started to load and then I get an Error page that is sending me here.
    This happens on every browser (Firefox, Chrome,Opera,Microsoft Edge). I have no idea why. Is it only me or is this a commen problem?

  • Hi, can you please try deleting cookies/cache? Let me know if this fixes your problem! Thanks :)

  • @ruby2003

    Screenshot that I cleared cache and cookies. But Error still happens.

    Screenshot of error (It's in Dutch)

  • administrators

    All seems fine with your account. This happens all the time, or only at specific hours of the day?

  • All the times. On all the (installed) browsers.
    That's how I was able to come to this forum xD

  • I've tried the computer at home (Different IP if you're going to check my profile).
    I made a screenshot because it's not blocked by internet so it seems.

  • administrators

    Hello again,

    We checked it again and no one can find anything wrong with your account... The only error we get related with your account is an error from an external script, so you probably have some malware / weird extensions / scripts on your PC probably!

    If that's not the case (I would advise you to test it on a friend PC that you know his OSM account works), would be nice if you explain us the exact steps you make to get this error!

  • I go to rankings.
    See global rankings for a second and then I get the error. I already tried this on the computer at my home (not my laptop). The teamviewer screenshot shows it.

    It is not that I am not able to play the game. So it is not such a big deal.

    I will try again on my account at a different computer. You will hear from me again.

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