• Sorry i dont now if this is bug or this have other explanation and what i could have done to avoid this defeat ?
    Maybe was the rating or SOS have less conversion?

    How can he score 2 goals with only 5 shots ?

    My tactic was 442B SOS
    Hes tactic 433B WP

    Dortmund team have average skill rating 95~97.
    My team average skilll rating is 90~91

    alt text
    alt text

    If i am in the wrong category move this post admin.

  • Not a bug or anything, things like that simply happen. I recently los in cup final 0-2 even though I had 12-6 in shots and 60:40 in possession. You do everything you can, you use py to see how your opponent is playing, you counter his tactics and put your players on best possible positions, but then this realistic engine kicks you in your private parts. But we still love it for some reason and we keep wasting our time...

    alt text