Strange/odd away game results

  • Dear all,

    I recently started playing OSM again, deleted my main account and created this new account to start off fresh. I decided to start again by managing more obscure leagues in the game, which landed me in Algeria now.

    I picked the weakest team and I'm building them into a wonderful team, with lots of buying and selling. So far everything is going well, we're currently in Matchday 5 and I have by far the strongest team. See yourself below:


    However, things aren't going as smooth as I want it to be, especially during away games. At home, I dominate teams with 3-0 and 4-0 results. Away, I'm struggling with converting chances into goals. See screenshots below:

    I drew in this game against a manager, he resigned after the game.


    Now so far, everything is still OK and I'm on top of the table, but the odd away game results are bothering me. I don't adapt my tactics during home or away games, I just keep an offensive 4-3-3 tactic.

    REQUEST: do you guys have any tips where I can improve to avoid upcoming away results? Are there things I should take in consideration? Perhaps the engine changed while I was gone (I stopped for a while right after the update of boss coins)?

    Thanks in advance, take care.
    Looking forward to reading your replies.

    Kind regards,
    Keizer Keisuke.

  • Hello, Keizer. I think, it doesn't work well because you may put specialist (especially Captain and Free-Kicks) incorrectly. On usual match, there are chances player got free-kicks so you may take a note wether he is capable doing it or not. Other than that, you may notice the fitness and moral on your lineup.

    On side note: 433B (wing play) is still pretty OP formation with 1 pure forward (+90 with low def)

  • @barkeley-bum Hi Barkeley, thanks for your reply. I keep on improving the team and this is what my squad looks like at the moment, I must say it's pretty filthy in comparison to what my opponents have (they only have max 3-4 players 70+)


    I'm currently still on top of the table and I play later this evening against the #2 ranked CS Constantine away.


    I expect stronger results in the future, as I still frequently only win 0-1 or 0-2 away, but maybe that's due to the fact that I constantly buy/sell players and I don't have a fixed Starting XI. But now the team is looking very solid and I'm thinking on settling with a 433B WP, I have Hazard as my captain and free kick and penalty taker now and he will remain in that role for the rest of the season.

    Let's hopeI win this game tonight!

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  • @keizer-keisuke I think home field advantage does play into the way the engine works and how managers set up.

    OSM says they factor in many aspects inc. history. So if you were to face someone like Liverpool at home you can not expect to win by a huge factor if we take them at their word.

    Likewise I think some managers monitor your set up and may adjust to be more offensive and defensive.

    One team I manage I am playing both 4 3 3 B and 3 4 3 A with the MCs the focus to be either offensive or defensive depending on circumstances. e.g. I can have Keita + Khedira with a flat back three or Keita + Thiago with 2FBs and an all round CB and support midfield.

  • @hans-orf I haven’t tried the 343 formation yet. Something about 3 at the back is haunting me. Although my squad could easily play that dominant formation as well when looking at my opponents


    However, I’m going to try and stick with 433B WP and have my off-mid-def line on neutral (so att only att, mid stay, def stay back) with offensive sliders.

    I’m playing tonight away against #2 and he also plays 433B so I’m confident for a big result here.

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