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    i want to ask if i put a medfielder in the attack this changes something ? or he will not be able to play in that position the same if i put him in the defence ?
    the second question i want to know playing with the same formation and the same tactics all the season is better than changes it every 3 4 games or it does not make ane difference

  • you no ablous en ingleus sous atentino ;*

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    i can not understand

  • @oukato Making a player play on any other position than his own would surely impact the performance.
    Giving a rough example: If an attacker with 84 skill is forced to play on midfield then he might perform like a 70 or worse. Like I said that was a rough example to explain you, it's not the exact stat change that occurs. On the other hand if an attacker is placed on defense or goalkeeper then he would perform way worse than on midfield and could affect your team's performance really badly. (Although I remember I have switched attacker with midfielder in past and won matches so it's not impossible to win with a player or two out of position but not advised unless necessary.)

    Regarding your second question I'm not sure but I do believe that if you don't switch your formation for some time then your players get adjusted to that formation, so depending on the situation it could be better than switching formation again and again.

    Also if someone else replies to your question then you should take their advice over mine because I have been away for a while and a bit blurry on these subjects and plus game engine was changed so who knows the things I said could be invalid now.

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    but i'm talking for the medfielders who have the ability of attack high
    for example pogba his attack 95 then ?

  • @oukatouc Still he would never perform like a 95 attacker, even if you have a 80-85 attacker then use that one instead because at least he would be playing in the position he was originally meant to play, so an 80-85 attacker could perform better than a midfielder with 95 attack in my opinion.
    Also if you use an attacker with average skills then pogba would be free and hence could be placed on midfield (where he was supposed to be) and that would probably be a stronger and more reliable line up.
    In my opinion, using a player with 90+ stats out of position is just a waste of a superstar because he wouldn't perform like a 90 so I suggest not to put a player out of position unless you have no other choice.