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  • Hi,

    I have been scouting for a midfield player (attacking style, overal 90+, age under 25) so I was expecting Pogba.
    The first time I tried I got Isco (90), Coutinho (90) and Joao Mario (90). These are all 90+, so far nothing wroing.
    The second time I tried I got Draxler (89), Bernard (84) and Saponara (83).

    Nobody in my competition already has Pogba, so why can't I find him?


    0_1481183854678_OSM - no Pogba.png

  • Moderator NL

    Your playing in the second division of England, which means you're not able to scout players within the same country (Manchester United).

    In case your scout doesn't find a player you've been looking for he will return with 3 players with a lower rating. These players will match with your other criteria (position, style, age).

  • @Silvester-J_NL
    Thanks for the answer, too bad there isn't a possibility to scout in the other leagues within the same country.
    Hopefully Pogba shows up on the transferlist anyways.

  • English Moderator

    Thanks Silvester, time to close this one :wink:

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