• Fresh air is good. Too much internet and screens will damage your eyes. Give your Mum a hug, tell your loved ones you love them. Creating a false impression of kind, good hearted people on internet forums will never have any positive impact on life. Take a moment to understand what's important to you.

  • That's all good advice bro, but what is the point in asking for a forum ban. 😄

  • @King-Noel I think what he means, is, in his friends group, he knows that any topic, whether controversial or not, he could carry out a decent respectful conversation with them. And he believes there's a lack of faith in forum users preventing them the chance of contributing to it.

    I think he wanted to be banned because he was going to leave the game anyway, and maybe he wanted to leave the message that what is said on these forums isn't important, and time spent here is time that could be spent doing charity work, something that could genuinely have a positive effect in others lives.

    Males v Females - there are several biological, physical, and characteristic differences between the 2. What's disrespectful about choosing between the 2? Is there no faith that we can hold a civilized, interesting conversation about it?

    His mates ask each other stupid hypothetical questions all the time, we'd laugh and answer them, then move on. He hoped the forum users would do the same.

    The ugly baby thing wasn't a serious thing either. And my opinion us that all new life is as sacred as the next, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are.

    Pointing out ugliness is an metaphorically ugly world doesn't make a bad person. Furthermore in no thread did he state an offensive, prejudiced opinion.

  • Well you know a lot about him, aye. 😉

    Hopefully he will be back, because I like him and its always good to see people making the forums more active. :thumbsup_tone4:

  • He'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas (or festive period, if that's more politically correct) and a Happy New Year.

  • @SauzeeWasAHero Tell him: Merry Christmas Paul.

    Are you his brother, sister, parent, wife or husband? 😆

  • @King-Noel Yeah he's alright really. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

  • @King-Noel Well people say we look similar. We both have the same eyes, nose, mouth, body, legs and feet. He says "Thanks" and will be sure to have as much fun as possible over the Christmas Period, and hopes you will too

  • @SauzeeWasAHero Paul be like:

    alt text

    Kidding bro. 🙂

  • @King-Noel He always thought Braveheart was historically inaccurate and he never did trust Mel Gibson 😄 though he was a bit of a dick!

    But he is quite patriotic and wears nothing under his kilt - a true Scotsman!

  • @SauzeeWasAHero I think the reason why the movie is so inaccurate is because the developers were more focus on drama for the movie. Although inaccurate, it is still entertaining.

    And haha that last comment was funny. lol :rofl:

  • @King-Noel Yeah, definitely. He'd prove that he wears nothing under my kilt if people wanted, but then he really would deserve a forum ban haha 😱

  • Since there's no point in keeping such topic open, this will be closed.

  • @Hespera You're a disappointing moderator.

  • @SauzeeWasAHero No she is not Sauzee. Actually she is probably one of the best and most devoted and hard working Moderators / Staff on OSM .
    But neither was Paul if you ask me, a disappointing forumer. I know him for more than two years, he is one of my first and best friends around here and I wish him all the best. Always. Just tell him please that I love him to bits .
    And I'll be waiting for his return, hopefully with the same will for discussion and interaction. I miss him already. 😞

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Well if you known him well then you would know that you don't have to wait for him. Because Paul is here and everywhere, the wind, the river, the water, the ocean everywhere you will see Paul. 😄 haha

  • Disappointing: (adjective) -
    failing to fulfil someone's hopes or expectations

    My hopes and expectations were that this thread should be allowed to continue, and the positive vibe should too. That's my justification for labelling her disappointment.

    I'll tell Paul you said that SUPERNOVA 8. He's heard these words from lots of people in his life though, so he doesn't really take them seriously

    Haha King Noel. I'll let Paul know you said that, I'm sure he'll laugh (if that's allowed, and it won't increase his suspension period?)

  • I've decided to re-open the topic, to give it a try as long as it stays on topic.

  • @Hespera This topic was never closed? Anyway lets get back on topic.

    SauzeeWasAHero can you give my friend Paul my Christmas gift for him:

    alt text

    It's a top quality brand new kilt. 🙂

    By the way, we Indians from South wear our traditional dhoti. We wear that like you wear kilt:

    alt text

  • @King-Noel he says thanks very much (although that wouldn't be his first colour it's a nice gesture haha). He was interested to learn a little bit of Indian culture that he never knew before