Can't add Friends, got placed on wrong Server?

  • I'm trying to find my brother and my father and add them to a league I created.
    unfortunately we cannot find each other.
    it may be because I got placed in a wrong server?
    My brothers manager name is DW Jongste, my fathers karel jongste.
    and mine is DrabDrab.

    is it possible for them to join my league?
    if no can my account be placed to their server?

  • @drabdrab Hi, welcome.
    No this sounds like you guys are playing on different versions of the game.
    You're playing world and they are playing the Dutch version.
    To be able to play together you all ned to play same version.
    If you want you can create an account on the Dutch version, since it are to seperate versions it's allowed to own 1 world account and 1 Dutch version account.

  • ok I understand, then 2 questions

    • how I make a dutch version?
    • I made a league and used money for it. can I transfer the league or get back the coins?

    it's a little weird for me that it's not worldwide and no obvious warning for it either...

  • @drabdrab you need to change your phone language to Dutch, remove/reinstall app then you should be able to create an account on the Dutch version.

    There's no warning needed, normally you're automatically download the correct version.
    But ios changes the language sometimes which could lead to download wrong version of the game.

    Unfortunately league can't be transfered and bc's no refundned.
    Another solution would be that you stay on world and ask your father and brother to create an account on world.