I just bought a player with gold points and not with my money

  • Hey, I just bought a player in 44oons Suuuuuuuuper League, with gold points and not with my money, i just spend 1300 points for a player Zabtheletter, hiis price was 33,5 M. I nottice you i have in my account 148 Million, please help to recover my 1300, because in this moment i have only 3 points in my account.
    I play this game from 2010. Trust me i need to fix this problem

  • Hi, welcome.

    Unfortunately there's nothing that we can do for you unless you've got clear proof that money wasn't on savings account at the moment your player was bought.
    Which means that we would need a full screen from your savings that must include manager name and date/time stamp, als a screen of the player bought is need.

    If you can provide us what we need then you can post it here.