• Turkish Users

    There are 3 of them. If you answer all of them, I'm happy.

    1-This is the responsibility of the players we want to sell in our league, the players between 20-25M are not sold in this range is always sold in this range. We have very high value players in our air. I know you are in sales for 4 days how does this system work?

    2-We are working with the business club, but do not come to token (gold), the only requirement is to download the application but we are downloading it we are opening up we are not given any token why is this? (The business club is running mediocre only video viewing feature)

    3- In order to play the upper row in low budget leagues, we have to bring and sell players with the explorer, so we have to save money and get +90 footballers, but we can not sell it on the list, do you have plans to develop small budget teams?