I followed instructions for promotion for free Boss Coins and never received the boss coins.

  • Hi OSM,

    I followed the instructions laid out on your app to get 11,400 free boss coins in exchange for opening an account with coral vegas, and deposit and bet £10.

    I did this, yet I have not received any coins. Having called up Coral they have instructed me to get in contact with you guys, so I hope you see this post so we can work on resolving this.



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    @sepstein1 Please check the topic 'Common Questions':

    Special offers
    Q: I did not receive the boss coins from the special offers, what to do?
    A: Offers from Business Club are responsibility of our partners. You can check the status of your offers on every offer wall by clicking on bottom on Support/Miss coins link.
    You can also contact them via same process if you think that it's taking way too much time (some may take more than a week to be completed).

  • Thanks Robbie, this is clear enough now.