Some Friends can’t join a private League with invitation

  • Hello,
    We have created a league to play, but now we are trying to create a New one. The moderator ia a different person. On the first league all the players joined the league With no problem. Altough the second league os having some issues. The invitation was made with the link to Facebook. 5 players joined the league but obter 6 are having the saem problem:
    “ Club not available,
    Another coach already signed with “name of club”. Start the carreer on another available club”
    It seems that this issue is happening to all 6 players.
    The moderator already accepted and the error is happening while choosing the club.
    Please help, the season Will start in 2 days and Would be great to have all players ready before.
    Thank you

  • @bakatulah
    Is it necessary more info about the error?