transfers between crew managers in crew battles.

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    Let's say I get a strong team, juventus, in the crew battle draw and one of my crew mates got a weak team, Atlanta.
    Now here is the question.
    Am I allowed to help my teammate by selling good players at low value to them ?
    Will I get banned for doing that ??
    And if I am not allowed to do that then how is it different than any other leagues? Isn't it supposed to be a team game ?? I should be allowed to help my friends as much as possible and win the battle. Right ??

  • @asto-willzz Hi, welcome.
    Crew duels are special leagues with special schedual and with different winner> group of managers instead of individual manager.

    So yes, on duels we allow that managers help their crewmates by selling their weak players at lower rates.
    Both crews can do the same, so no one will have any unfair advantage over his opponent.

    On normal leagues, this is not possible neither allowed because it's pretty much impossible to keep it fair to all managers on the game.