Champions League 2018/2019

  • @sergiu-il In my opinion, the quarter-finals draw will pick these pairs:

    Barcelona - Liverpool 😱

    Manchester City - Ajax 🙀

    Juventus - Tottenham Hotspur 🚀

    Manchester United - Porto 😸



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    @raul_alessio we are going to have very entertaining quarterfinals 😌

  • Juventus is the toughest opponent we could have drawn, but I have a lot of confidence in Ajax winning the Champions League.

    It is also a serious test for Ronaldo. If he wants te go down in history as the greatest of all time he has to prove himself against Matthijs de Ligt.

  • @raul_alessio said in Champions League 2018/2019:

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    My head says Juve, Liverpool, City and Barça; my heart says Juve, Liverpool, Spurs and United.

    Spurs-Juve and United-Liverpool in the semi-finales; Juve-Liverpool as the finale which Liverpool will win 🙂

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    Juventus, Liverpool, City and Barcelona.

  • Ajax, Liverpool, Tottenham, United

  • ajax,porto , city, manu

  • I really hope City don't win it. I really don't like the idea of them lot winning it 😑

  • @tony-alvera said in Champions League 2018/2019:

    I really hope City don't win it. I really don't like the idea of them lot winning it 😑

    Me neither. As I'm pretty much against modern football, I hate Man. City and PSG; one down, one to go 😜 O

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    @dikketuur_nl don't know that much people who doesn't want city to want it.
    Then lets hope the Old Lady to win. because to hope MU to win it, the chance are very small...

  • Play Tottenham and Barcelona Champions League Final in.😃

  • @dikketuur_nl Couldn't have said that better. All of this petro-dollars ruining football 😔

  • @tony-alvera I find the income in the PL more worrying than the oil-money, PL is set to basically be a league of it's own in a few years with all that stupid revenue money, how can a relegated team from the PL have more money than historic big clubs like Benfica, Porto, Sporting for example from the portuguese league, Ajax until recently, PSV, Feyenord from the eredivisie, even teams like Valencia and Sevilla ...

  • @sergiu-il I agree to what you're saying. But this isn't an irreparable scenario for the other major leagues. With the right marketing and sponsorship, the other leagues can quite easily match it. I personally would like nothing more than there to be a sort of parity with regards to TV deals so historical clubs don't get left behind. And would certainly like to go back to those days where anyone can beat anyone in the Europe, and any club, big or small, has a good chance of lifting the champions league. But you should agree that a lot of that is down to no-so-good marketing within the respective league as well. La Liga and Serie A are trying to rectify this and this situation is certainly redeemable.

    But this in no way is as dangerous as oil-money. Buy a no-name club, punch all of your oil-money into it for 10 years (which is close to £1.5 billion pounds in City's case btw), and voila, here's you champions league. They don't have the fan-base or the general income to validate this income. Hell, City even built a chain of subsidiary clubs to funnel their finances and evade trouble.
    What do you think this all of this does to the history our so called historical clubs? Will it really mean anything anymore? City and PSG are basically playing the game on cheat mode. When you start the game enter the money cheat, and you got infinite cash. Then when you win a trophy, it feels empty, doesn't mean anything.

  • @tony-alvera I agree wholhearthedly with you, but you forgot something, I'm not against oil money, I'm against breaching FFP rules, bypassing them so you get advantage over your competition, funneling money in feeder clubs (check Nakajima he's going to Qatar for 35M, the owner is the same of PSG), and god knows what other tactics PSG & City used to get where they are.

    My problem is not with the fact that there are rich people buying clubs and making them better, I have no problem with that, there have always been clubs like these thorought the history, but you can't ignore and say f the rules and laugh in everyone's face afterwards, that's what City and PSG are doing.

    You can check a plethora of clubs that are owned by rich presidents, that are smartly invested in (check Milan example, if an external tycoon didn't invest in them, to this day they would be drowning in debt with Serie B type of quality players)

  • Both oil dollars and TV-contracts ruined football. 😞

  • @sergiu-il You're right there. I guess I should have worded that better. We cannot just blindly oppose oil money. I just don't like the way it's brought into the game. There are right ways to go about it, and then there are City and PSG 😣 PSG ripped out any semblance of balance from the transfer market when they signed Neymar and Mbappe that summer. I know it was already heading into chaos as it was due to 'inflation'. I still find the explanations to this particular topic to be quite dubious. How much of it is actual inflation and how much of it is self-imposed we don't know 😒
    Nonetheless, the current scenario is no way sustainable in the long-run, especially for the fans. Sometimes I really wish there was a reset button to all this 😖

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    @osmsüpermenajer It would be a great final! 😜

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    Any prediction for tonight matches?-

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