• Good afternoon,

    I´ve been playing OSM for quite a few years.. always for free.
    A couple of years ago you have UNLOCKED the other 3 slots. If i remember correctly, at the time I had to pay "boss coins" to unlock (FOREVER) the other slots.
    To be honest i did not expect you would keep all slots unlocked, since it wasn´t logic (business and marketing point of view, in a product with free/paid option), but didn´t expect ALL slots blocked WITH NO WARNING and each with a deceiving message "Unlocks in 5 days", wich never happens!
    I know i´m not your best client but still, i´m with you guys for years, always with the same account, never caused any problem and I do believe that users like me deserved an explaination or at least one extra unlocked slot?
    Here´s a sugestion... Why not give a "gift" to older users and let them use 2 slots, because of the antiguity? Or are you changing policy towards "Paid Clients"?
    First time I write in this Forum and I do hope it´s useful, because I won´t be playing for long just with one slot... To go from 4 teams to 1... Well.. I´m loosing interest on the game, and I do believe I´m not the only one.
    My Best Regards

    Nuno Castro

  • @nczinde Can I see screenshots of having to pay for slots? I've never seen it in my life. I'd be glad to know what it looks like.