Johan server

  • Johan server still trying to simulate last night's game.
    This is the 5th time that has happened. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Not even a message with : Hey we are having some trouble with the servers. This is pretty frustrating and this wil be my last season on this game. Im not gonna pay for this shit(probably wont get my money back but i can live with that). This is a problem at the moment and im not seeing any approvement of FIXING this problem. The developers are not working pro active on this case and that is bad... mmmmkkaaayyyy real bad.... This is the last time i will post a topic because this should be your job to tell the users(subscribers) what is going on. You dont pay me...

    Good luck... looks like you guys REALLY need it.

  • Community Manager

    Er word op dit moment aan gewerkt. Alles zal spoedig wel gesimuleerd zijn verwacht ik.

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