GLI presents EPIC! - A massive 5x5 knockout (English Only)

  • @keejos_nl

    IDAS 1442
    Nacao Tupi 928

    Difference 514

  • @Nicola Giottoz
    you have asked me for screenshot, here you have

    alt text

    but aou confirmed it already

    alt text

  • ORGANIZATION NOTE: Here are all the crews that have qualified for L64. Please note that this overview is NOT the draw. The draw will be randomized for L64 and will be posted before Sunday, December 30th. Your crew will have until Saturday, January 5th to post your designated line-ups for L64 to avoid penalty.

    Explanation of the score: Best 3 crews of the poule automatically qualify. The worst of the poule qualified being the 'best of the worst'. Crews that gotten disqualified gotten a -5000 score. Crews that were the opponents of a disqualified crew received 1500 points.

    Points will have no influence on the upcoming draw whatsoever.


    For now, stay tuned for this weekends draw and a happy new year!

  • @salvociri said in GLI presents EPIC! - A massive 5x5 knockout (English Only):

    Poule 20 - Match A
    ابطال العرب2020 vs EMT ItaliansDoItBetter
    0_1545601888865_VS 2020.jpg
    not confirmed

    Hi mate! @Keejos_NL

    In Poule 20 we won vs 20ابطال العرب20

  • Apologies, I stand corrected. EMT ItaliansDoItBetter progress to L64:



    The matches will all start Monday, Janury 7th 2019 9:30 p.m. - 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1). You have until Saturday, January 5th 6:00 p.m. (GMT+1) to post your crews 5 competing managers for this round, including team picks.

    The Last 64 round will be played in Argentina B.


    Line-up Format (example):

    Last 64: Match 25 - Home – A Good Looking Emperium:

    Manager A – Lanús
    Manager B – Banfield (captain)
    Manager C - Gimnasia y Esgrima (moderator)
    Manager D - Tigre
    Manager E - San Martín Tucumán



    alt text
    General rules: Based on the general rules OSM Rules + rules in Battlepedia.
    Cup: Activated / Turned on.
    Training Camp: Activated / Turned on. (4 per manager allowed. Additional TC’s will be punished heavily.)
    Secret Trainings: Activated / turned on (6 per manager allowed).
    Club Funds compensation: De-activated / turned off.
    Transfers: Activated / turned on.
    Pre-season: Activated / turned on.
    Timers: De-activated / turned off.
    Friendlies: Friendlies are only allowed between crewmates.
    Matches against crewmates: You may arrange the game, but all the players have to be on the correct position. If this is not possible due to injuries/suspensions you have to provide a screenshot of your team and doctor before the simulation!

    alt text

    Line up too late: -100 points.
    Line up later than league starting time: Walk-over (you forfeit the competition!)
    Opening the league too late: -100 points.
    Opening league with incorrect league settings: -250 points.
    Not opening the league within 24 hours of creation time: Walk-over (you forfeit the competition!)
    Taking the opponents team, thus forcing that manager to take your team: -100 points.
    Replacement of an inactive manager during battle: -100 points.
    Friendly matches against the opponent: -50 points each.
    Fifth and Sixth Trainings Camp used (TC): -300 points each.
    Line up mistakes in games against own crew: -125 points.
    Direct sales is prohibited: -100 points per transfer
    Any other transfer error: -100 points each.

    Any violations should be reported with a screenshot to the opposing teams captain.

    Transfers between members of the same crew must follow the rules of Battlepedia.
    The purchase of players can be made after the first sales simulation!

    Let EPIC! continue, and may the odds be ever in your favor! And Happy New Year to you all!

  • Italian Moderator

    @keejos_nl thanks for giving us the derby in the family. very kind.

  • @giuxeppe87 Luck of the draw 😉

  • Italian Moderator

    @keejos_nl said in GLI presents EPIC! - A massive 5x5 knockout (English Only):

    Luck of the draw

    luck? draw? ahahahajaj, All right we take it as philosophy

  • @giuxeppe87 In all fairness, I didn't even notice until you made a comment about it. So yes.. 🙂

    Below the screenshots of the draw. As you can see, everything is in order.

    0_1546182086128_83297439-eb26-4bea-973e-1026099f2be2-image.png 0_1546182096594_74fda722-151d-46ee-8369-8c1eadb24038-image.png

  • Italian Moderator

    @keejosnl nobody is insinuating anything. I did not ask you for the screenshots
    Thank you for organization

  • @giuxeppe87 I didn't feel offended mate. Just posted them to be as transparant about the draw as I could. Good luck to both of you! At least one of you will make it to L32 😉

  • LAST 64 DRAW, MATCH 20


    M1; Lanús: @rubbens-80 🇪🇦
    M3; Banfield: @PlPupasB 🇪🇦
    M5; Gimnasia y Esgrima: @arzaiz 🇪🇦
    M7; Tigre: @chusinsin 🇪🇦
    M9; San Martín Tucumán: @carlosastiz (C) (moderator) 🇪🇦

  • Last 64 / Match 14 : AWAY - White Walkers

    G1 : badre bk 1 - Rosario Central
    G3 : SiiR Taki - Newell's Old Boys
    G5 : sir FATHY - Aldosivi
    G7 : محمد اخزام - San Martin San Juan
    G9 : The Bad Oussa - Patronato ( Captain ) ²

    Good Luck for all Crews

  • LAST 64: Match 4 - Away Yeam - Kiwi Melon

    G1: @Francesco-Gallucci - Rosario Central
    G3: @Maestro-Simone - Newell's Old Boys
    G5: @fang84 - Aldosivi
    G7: @Matteo-Panza - San Martin San Juan
    G9: @Nicola-Giottoz © - Patronato

    Good luck for the battle to the opponents!

  • LAST 64: Match 17 - Away Yeam - Scorpions
    G1 ; صلي علي طه الامين { C } Rosario Central
    G3 ; محمد احمد اهلاوي - Newell's Old Boys
    G 5 ; ameer511 - Aldosivi
    G7 ; adel irani - San Martin San Juan
    G9 ; DON_UAE - Patronato

    With Regards Ahmed Gharib

  • Last 64 / Match 16 : AWAY - THE CLAN 🐺

    G1 : @Rigga84 - Rosario Central (C)
    G3 : @Jonathan Mx - Newell's Old Boys
    G5 : @zoffo82 - Aldosivi
    G7 : @sancarlo84 - San Martin San Juan
    G9 : @silvio cobra - Patronato

    Good Luck for all Crews

  • World Champion>>The Heroes Crew

    last 64\ match 2 : Away _The Heroes Crew
    @الحساب-000 - G1 : - Rosario Central
    @محمد-النصه - G3 : - Newell's Old Boys
    @جدو-المصري-2 - G5 : Aldosivi
    San Martín San Juan :G7 - @sherf-ahmed
    Patronato : G9 @حازم-gamal ©

  • LAST 64 - MATCH 22 - Away Team

    Brasil United X PirateCrew

    G1 - Perigoso1997
    G3 - Marcos Sylar ©
    G5 - fredison1
    G7 - Luis pk
    G9 - Iza Hellmam

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