• I started in the European Champions B with Besiktas. It was fifth matchday vs Man. City and I lost. 2:0 but when I wanted to look his squad. He had Godin and Florenzi! He buyed Florenzi for 31.17 M Coins! And Godin for 32.27 M Coins! Then he buyed Messi!!! For 43.80 M Coins! You can't buy coins! But with hacks! His username is rebadj19!

  • English Moderator


    I don't see any issue here. Perhaps you're mistaking club funds for boss coins.

    However, it is impossible to know when another manager used club funds or boss coins to buy players and even if he did use boss coins no matter the amount is not a violation of any of the OSM rules so your report is baseless.

    Finally, for next time if you spot cheating of any kind please use the report cheating tool that can be found on the managers profile as cheating will never be discussed/handled through forums.