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    1- The Killean Mbabi player Paris Saint-Germain carries Cameroonian nationality, Algerian and French
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    2- Did you know that Neymar played only one team until 2013: he did not participate in any match that did not include his favorite club he played all his life (Santos Brazilian club), and when he played with Barcelona did not have any additional experience to take advantage of during the gameWith the Catalan giant.
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    3- Did you know about Marco Asencio

    • His mother named him by Dutch football legend Marco van Basten.

    • Football is not his only passion. In his free time he finds time to play tennis or golf and is considered a poker fan.

    • He was always the first to get to training at Mallorca where his father took him by car before leaving to work in a supermarket.

    • He is considered one of the most outstanding Spanish stars.

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