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    How do I play against a slightly better team with 4-3-3A, Passing, Zone marking, No offside trap??
    Thank you!.

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    When asking for advice on a game, it is necessary to clarify whether you are aiming: a) to lose it only for 0-1; ---- b) to equalize it ---- c) to try to win it. Then you should post the photos of their own Rosa and those of the adversary; that is, you need to know the strength the value of the players (attacking value 100, goalkeeper 98 etc.). finally, the photo of the current ranking, of the Match schedule, of the Points Manager standings should be published. Only after giving these data is it possible to give a sensible answer to the problem. Because often the right form can not be applied due to lack of men. Most of the time you will have the --More Worst - solution to apply. It is also essential to provide the situation on the use of the telltale, - the "Secret Workings" and the "Curtains" already used. I have read them post of this section, and many have just thrown out compressed air. To solve a problem, it is always necessary to know as much data as possible. Responding with the formula of the form (433b, 451 etc.) is from superficial and empty talkers.

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