Suggestion for Stadiums upgrade

  • Spanish Users

    Hi there, I would like to suggest you the idea to halve the costs needed to upgrade your stadium. I believe it is unbalanced and for a medium team it is impossible to upgrade it.
    For instance Im needing about 5 millions for an upgrade that will give me 708K per home match, so I need almost 8 home matches to be "even". That seems a lot.

    I also like to train my players but again it makes no sense to invest in that.

    Thank you

  • @ferchu425 As a manager you need to make a choise. Do you want to bring in more money so you can buy better players or do you want to buy cheaper younger players which you can improve.

  • Spanish Users

    @Sir-Lars-Boer_NL Im sure about that and I love the idea of improving my players, in fact smaller teams tend to do that. The point is that there is no way I can improve my players enough to compete to a bigger, stronger team which sells and buys players. So my suggestion is to take this into account: for instance if a team has a lower starting team cost it can improve his stadiums by less money.