• What are your fears and phobias?

    I have a f3ar of numb3r5.

    I have a fear of repetition

    I also have a fear of open space. .

    I am scared of starting something I cannot fini

    I have a fear of repetition.

    I have a fear of lying.

    I have a unbearable, horrible fear of adjectives.

    I have a fear of telling the truth.

    I am sacred of spelling mistakes

  • @SauzeeWasAHero Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - Fear of Long Words

  • @SauzeeWasAHero That is a long list but.... alt text


    My fears is snakes and untrustworthy people (eg. people who is all act (being nice) and it's not what they really are.

    But I don't exactly fear untrustworthy people I just don't care about them. haha :D

  • @King-Noel I dont like people who keep up a pretence. Being nice is good but not to the point it comes across as artificial. But I agree it's not a fear, they're just not worth my time

  • @SauzeeWasAHero Agreed bro. Yeah we know people like that but they are not worth our awesome time. haha

    My only real fear is snake, other than that I am fine. I know many people with fear of spiders but spiders are cool to me so I am cool to them. hehe Snakes are slimy and scary.

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