OSM android app not working

  • Hi there
    For the last 3 days my android OSM game is not connecting to internet while all my other apps are connecting and work fine with no problems
    I tried clearing the app cache, clearing app data, logging off from my account in the browser and I am thinking of uninstalling it now...
    I can't keep playing using the browser it's hard and more time consuming doing so; so please help me fix it ASAP I have already suffered enough on the leagues I play from it.

  • @knight-baroon hello... aren't there any one who want to help me here ☹ ✊ 😣

  • @knight-baroon Try to uninstall the app and reinstall it from the app store.

  • As above manager mentioned, try to install App again from playstore.

    Due to GDPR, we needed to implement a forced update in order to be sure that all OSM users have one version where they have to accept the new GDPR conditions. This means that all older versions no longer work and that some users with old Android devices won't be able to play OSM, because they don't support most recent versions.

    We're sorry if you're one of the users that has a smartphone that no longer supports OSM, but unfortunatelly there's nothing we can do about it!