• Just wondering how the Man of the Match title is given out, is it purely to the player with the highest rating? I just won a Game 6-0, and the MotM was Rodrigo, who scored 1 goal and had a rating of 9...I would have surely given it to Niquez, who despite only getting a rating of 8, had 1 goal and 4! assists. (Also as a side note, how can someone who's directly involved in 5 of the 6 goals, not get a rating of at least 9? :P)

    I know it probably has no impact of actual gameplay, the MotM is just a fun add, but it just seems weird how a guy with 1+4 doesn't win it over a guy with just 1 goal scored 😛

  • Maybe Rodrigo played better than Niquez 😛

    If a player has 9 and another one 8, it is correct MoTM be the one took 9

    Anyway, I think ratings are quite random