Spanish La Liga winner is not decided as it in IRL

  • Rules to be applied when equal points.

    If points are equal between two or more clubs, the rules are:[4]
    If all clubs involved have played each other twice:
        If the tie is between two clubs, then the tie is broken using the goal difference for the two matches those clubs have played against each other (without away goals rule)

    Season final


    Matches between my team (Real Sociedad) and Real Madrid

    Win at Bernabeu


    Draw at home


    Total goal difference is 4-3 in favor of my team.

    When we enter a game, we make some assumptions from real life - but seems this game has its own rules, which misleads us.

  • Think about it - I have a humble team which has an objective to fight for mid-positions, and a bunch of average players when compared to Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid, Valencia. I make some good tactics, train players, find some good players with lower bids, on the other side, they can easily sell a player or two for millions and buy another top class players, even if they do not need. Albeit all those hard competition clauses, I beat my main rival and collect same amount of points, and according to La Liga rules, I should be considered as winner. But at the end - I won only silver medals. This is a huge disappointment.

    I think it is a bug (not a feature lack 🙂 ) and should be fixed

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    If two teams have the same amount of points then the following ways will be determing who places above the other.

    • Total Goal difference
    • Most goals scored
    • Alphabetical order

    From your screenshot from your league standings I see that Real Madrid has a better goal difference than you. That's why they ended first. Also in real life football this is actually the same. It is also determined with total goal difference first and then followed by most scored goals. Results of the two indivual matches comes last. In OSM we don't use the results of individual matches, but instead we have the alphabetical order.

  • OK, let's clarify things. In real life it is as I've quoted. Have a look at La Liga regulations.
    But you've implemented it other way, which differs from real life.

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    @marmeladze, @FC-Eddie_NL , hi mates..
    Let's make things clear..

    In real life, the decider is different from one country to another. Even the details are different, but two main parts are the goal difference and H2H (Head to head).
    Countries use goal difference as decider are Spain (LaLiga), Italy (SerieA), ...etc.
    Countries use H2H as decider are England (EPL), Germany (Bundesliga), ...etc.
    (You can read my previous posts of these matters if you want..)

    In OSM, it uses the goal difference no matter what country (league) you play.
    If OSM might implemented the decider like in real world, I think there will be complaints even more. Because not everyone here understand the rules of each country. So, I guess you have to accept that. Ok?

    Peace.. ✌

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    @hansinho said in Spanish La Liga winner is not decided as it in IRL:

    Countries use goal difference as decider are Spain (LaLiga), Italy (SerieA), ...etc.
    Countries use H2H as decider are England (EPL), Germany (Bundesliga), ...etc.

    @marmeladze , @FC-Eddie_NL
    I'm really sorry,.. missed edit..
    Countries use H2H as decider are Spain (LaLiga), Italy (SerieA), ...etc.
    Countries use goal difference as decider are England (EPL), Germany (Bundesliga), ...etc