Bug Report: kicked out of league on last day

  • Login: razbirat
    Account: Slot 1
    League number: 29224044
    Date & Time of the bug: Dec 12, 2016, about 2PM Central Standard Time
    Platform: ALL (tried on a few PCs and phone-Android)

    Bug step-by-step Description: this was supposed to be last match of the league, deciding the winner. I got kicked out at approximately 2pm CST. No explanation, no errors, no messages, just blank slot.

  • I still miss a view things from the template.


    If it's tested on app

    which osm app version?
    os version?

  • Re: Bug Report: kicked out of league on last day

    All known browsers. IE, CHrome, Firefox, safari. tried them all.
    Tried on different computers.

    As to the app, here is the version: 3.2.05
    Phone is Android 5.1.1

  • Hi, thanks for the bug report.
    This has been reported now.
    I will close this topic and you can follow this topic about the same problem.'

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