I do not know where to write otherwise

  • today entering osm I found my banned account, account created in 2014, has been banned for multiple accounts, the problem lies in the fact that the multiple accounts used were made in a private league between me and my friends to try to create the perfect team, it marks me that the account is indefinitely suspended so I hope there are chances in recovering it, the profile is called "dio col ciclo " and the championship "Serie A-ssuarta" .
    I hope you can help me, best regards

  • read carfefuly OSM terms

    1. Collaboration between managers or between crew members in all leagues is prohibited at OSM. This includes the fixing of matches and the use of the transfers system to give one club an unfair advantage over another. Factors which will be considered such include, but are not be limited to: deliberately poor team line-ups; players deliberately lined up in the wrong positions; managers joining a league and then resigning after a few days with the deliberate intention of colluding with another manager; the specific use of Training Camps to affect or alter Results in order to gain an unfair advantage or protect a fellow manager/crew member. Any manager found to be guilty of such an offence will be suspended and will also be banned from rejoining a Crew for a minimum period of 2 months. Crews in which at least two managers playing in the same league are both found guilty of collusion with each other will be terminated.

  • I was aware of it but the championship was private and created by me made between friends only with friends, I reported the same day a player who did this procedure in a league open to all and there may be, but in a league created by me closed and private seems to me exaggerated the ban as I did not penalize anyone was a test with friends here

  • @massimoboldi61 private league with friends [or not] is making no excuse. Its clearly against the terms!

  • Hi, welcome.
    Sorry but cheating will not be discussed via our forums and appeals will not be handled here

    Read our terms, they are pretty clear.