Manager Points and Ranking

  • Actualy i have ca 13K of Managerpoints but i have only 5k how you can see on the Pics.I know the system that old point there older than one year are delelte nur i Play only 1-2 months and three sasions dont give ne points pls fix it mangername: Janis Rohmann
    1_1542440009259_E0CEB0D6-07AD-4E1E-BEB7-85337195F430.png 0_1542440009258_53A9CBD6-69C6-48AE-BC30-273D9FF322AD.png

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    There is nothing wrong with your manager point. Each slot has its own separate manager points and each slot has its own separate ranking.
    From the above screenshot your slot one has the most manager points from two leagues, the one in Brazil and the one with hamburg totaling 5100+ manager points. And its the one shown on the ranking as it has the highest manager point total.

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    And for next time please create your own topic to report an issue.