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    I'm a little confused, my last post just got locked and linked a topic that was not helpful, if it was because that post was my same question that is wrong, if my post was locked for another reason I'm not sure why. Let me try and explain this better:
    How does a player being out of position hinder them? Lets say I'm playing a 4-3-3 with PSG
    I play neymar(fwd) cavani(fwd) and mbappe(fwd) on the front 3,
    Then Rabbiot(mid) draxler(mid) and di maria(fwd) in the mid 3.

    How much does it hinder di marias play being in the incorrect filed position (mid instead of a fwd) and/or would playing someone like Nkunku(mid) who is much lower rated still better in that position because hes a mid

    The linked topic was about playing a 451 with attacker supporting mid, that is not what I'm asking here, hope I was able to explain this better thank you!

  • @pwhitters Hi again. 🙂

    I'm sorry but the link I have provided you is one of the most popular topics , with 42 pages of posts & questions. Coming from various managers, talking about all sorts of formations and tactics.
    Please use it for your best interest.

    Thank you.

    @pwhitters P.S. My intention was to help you out , not confuse you. Your topic was locked and not deleted for a reason.
    All you need to do is to copy your text from here and paste it where it belongs , at the Tactics Requests topic.