• Spanish Users

    After a few years without playing I have returned and do not count all the points of past seasons. I have more than 100,000 points and they only count me 753. The same thing happens to me with some achievements that I have but they do not tell me.
    If I add all the points that correspond to me I put top 1 of my country and top 10 in the world ranking.

    I await the solution, thank you.

    a greeting

  • @fonsi-crack Hello to you too & welcome back to the Osm adventures. 🙂

    About your MPs (aka Manager Points) and the update of the Ranking system please have a look at the Common Questions
    You will find lots of interesting infos on this topic.

    Best of luck and enjoy the new forums! ✌

    P.S. Cute dog on your forum profile pic. 😄