a bug regarding the web based game play and some suggestions about accessibility

  • hello there,
    i'm a blind and i like playing this game as well.
    i usually connect the game from my iphone, but sometimes i connect with my computer to see my players moral and fit persentages, sadly do to the app showing those stats with colours, our screen reading programs cant abel to read those.
    so lets start with the bug
    whyle ago, i was abel to set my team from the webcliant now i cant see those links in the control panel
    maybe the links are not labled correctly but, i know i was abel to done evrything without a problem whyle ago, around, 2 3 months ago i think.
    do you guys have salution to this problem,
    evin posting the required links helps such as,
    and the regarding the suggestion
    can you guys somehow show the moral and fit persentages along with the colours, in the mobile apps?
    thanks and have a nice day!