special offer. hurry up -))

  • As I've completed a season with Monaco at Europe Champions A, I'm selling 4 world stars at possible minimum price. If we're on same universe and have an ongoing tournament, look for them.

    Age: 17
    Pos: FW
    Att: 104
    Def: 35
    Value: 52.88 m
    Price: 39.66 m

    Age: 31
    Pos: FW
    Att: 100
    Def: 45
    Value: 33.06 m
    Price: 24.79 m

    Age: 21
    Pos: MF
    Att: 99
    Def: 101
    Value: 36.39 m
    Price: 27.29 m

    Kai Havertz
    Age: 19
    Pos: MF
    Att: 102
    Def: 99
    Value: 40.46 m
    Price: 30.34 m

    I also have two world start level goalkeepers (103 and 102) and will list them if two of above will be sold.

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    OSM is a one season game and everything resets when the season ends.

    Also, it's impossible to sell your players to teams from other leagues. In other words transfers can only occur between teams and managers from the same league or from the transfer list (only managers or teams in your league can make offer for your players and buy them, but if you wish to sell your players to teams outside your league you have to add them to the transferlist where the engine will buy them).