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    Hi, I recently started playing OSM again. There have been a lot of updates since the last time I played. So, if i train my players and set up my updated line up just a few hours before the game time, it will still be acceptable right? In other words, the game times are pretty accurate and it doesn't matter whether we set up our tactics 20 hours before or 4 hours before the game, right?

    Also, If I have a player playing well, I can still train him between the matches and then play him again the next match right? Will training between matches lead to fatigue for the player?

    One last thing, have you guys yet introduced a way we can set up substitutes to actually come on at given times during the game?

    Thanks guys

  • For your first question, the answer is Yes, it doesn't matter if you set up 20 hours or 4 hours.

    Second question, the answer is Yes, you can train him between matches and training don't affect the fatigue but you if you keep playing the same player in 3 or 4 matches, it will mean his fitness will be down, so it's better to rotate players often.

    Third question, the answer is No, you can't do substitution at given time, subs comes on if one of you player gets card or gets injured.

    Enjoy bro. 🙂

  • Thanks @King-Noel