Reported a cheater, league under investigation but 7 days later and he's still cheating

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    I've seen a few threads saying that investigations take up to 72 hours (?) but I reported a cheater in my league 6/7 days ago and absolutely nothing's changed. He keeps on buying/selling players between his other account in the league and making a ton of profit at the same time.

    The more time goes on the more he perfects his squad with fraud money. The problem was bad 7 days ago and it's worse now. This completely kills my enjoyment of the game so I'd appreciate it if a mod can look into it, although it shouldn't be the case that players have to come to the forums to press for in-game moderation.

  • Hi, welcome.
    Unfortunately this still isn't the correct place, since we will never discuss anything on forums. When taking to long you can always contact support by mail explaining you issue.

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