With a red card you are almost sure to lose...

  • I just lost 3-0 in the cup semi-finals because one of my players got a red card. I almost always lose when it is the case, whereas in real soccer a lot of teams manage to draw or even win despite the drawback of having 10 players instead of 11, especially if the team is strong.
    As a matter of fact, my team has a total value of over 270m while my opponent has less than 45m (!) He won 3-0 but his attackers are on average 30 quality points below mine, and his goalkeeper 20 quality points below. 3-0! I didn't even score a single goal...
    I think it is really not fair participating a lot in the game, connecting every day, selling/buying players all the time, and a SINGLE red card have all my strategy ruined...
    I decided to write this post because it is not the first time. Unluckily, I always get a red card on key games and when it is the case I already know for sure I'll lose, because it is always the case.
    Am I the only player to who it happens?

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  • @Malégor I strongly suggest you to take notice of the referee for an upcoming game and act accordingly. It's a pity that you fail to choose the right aggressiveness for a game and get those cards, especially against lesser opposition. I think there might be more variables in your games when you get a red card and loose. Maybe you've chosen wrong tactics for the games. There's also randomness in the game, when a lesser opponent may win.

  • @Omicronwolf I was not talking about the aggressiveness choice, but only the fact that in this game when you get a red card you are really almost sure you'll lose. If I had got 2 or 3 red cards, ok, but losing 3-0 against such a weak team makes me think that playing 10 against 11 makes you lose the game for sure, which I think is not so realistic.

    Now you can be sure I'll ALWAYS play with "careful" tackling, especially if the referee is in the red section. I usually played "normal", and NEVER "aggressive" (because it is so easy to get a red card playing "aggressive"... and I don't even know how is "reckless"). My conclusion is that in this game there is a single rational aggressiveness choice (namely "careful"), because getting a red card makes you lose the game, whatever team you play against. So the first objective in the game, before having a good team, is to avoid getting red cards.

    And about my possibly "wrong" tactics, I just want to point out that my objective in the season is being 12th, and right now I am 2nd with 15 wins and 2 draws, so I don't think I have a problem here. 🙂 In fact this outstanding 3-0 loss in the cup semi-finals was my the first loss in the whole season.

  • I won 1-0 in a game this week even though I got a red at towards the end of the first half.

  • @phaultseberg You may have won 7-0 or 8-0 without getting a red card. 🙂

  • @Malégor i think, the only time i got a red card was when i was late to set up the line up and tactics for a match. it was a strict referee and my tackling was aggressive. i also you reckless from time to time. so maybe you just have a bad karma then for getting those cards and loosing the games.
    you keep mentioning that same one loss, but as i said, there's always a chance that a weaker team will win.
    and instead of your achievements you could have shown how you and your opponent have played. cause on my first season i took a team with a 16th objective and won the league and the cup.

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