Championships & team objectives

  • Is it harder to take the championship with a team objective 13 or with a team objective 1?

  • @avenger18 Hello! Happy new year and welcome to the OSM game & forums! 😄

    About your question , I must say it depends on more than one things imo.
    If you trust your squad building's skills and your tactics you can go with the best Goal 1 team.
    If you want though to achieve the highest possible MPs ( aka Manager Points ) then you must definitely go with the lowest possible Goal team and work very hard your way up to the League table.
    Please have a look at this topic too :
    10.000 MPs in one Season

    What do you think about it? Would you like to share your thoughts with us or ask anything else about this matter?

  • @supernova-8 my friends say it's hard to win championship a 1 goal team and easier with a 13 goal team. What is your opinion? It's true?

  • @avenger18 I have already answered to your question. 😉
    But since you asked of my personal opinion I can tell you a few things.
    I avoid playing with a G1 team, cause if my league is filled with well experienced and skilled managers then if anything goes wrong I risk of losing everything. Therefore I prefer to go with teams of lower Goal, depending on the league of course. We have small and big ones.
    My first target is to reach my team's Goal.
    It can be any goal from 4 to 13 etc.
    Next step, I try my best to be a runner up for the Cup and last if everything goes well with my squad building I focus on the Championship.
    Just remember, like I told you in my first reply, winning any league with lower Goal teams grants you with way more MPs!
    Ok Catalin ?

    • I leave this topic open in case any other manager wishes to add something .

  • @avenger18 yes it is hard but its doable. But, luck is here important, just hope for leage full of noobs and/or that in first few matchdays you do not need to play against higher goal teams

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    Yes, objectively it's harder to win the league with a G13 team - that's the answer you need.

    The higher the number, the harder it is. The number is where you're expected to finish: 1 is first and 13 is thirteenth.