• I go to "Free Boss Coins" area in the OSM. My mission was "Lords Mobile" game/app run an open. I was downloading game in "Google Play Store" and i was play this game 10/15 minutes. But 41 Boss Coins not gived me. Give me boss coins please. Thank you.

  • @YasinM_1 Hi ✋ !

    One of the reasons why you're not receiving the boss coins are:

    • You've installed LORDS MOBILE at least once in your device; iOS or Android
    • You've accepted similar offers that include opening LORDS MOBILE, like a different kind of offer which might have caused you to install LORDS MOBILE and use it.
    • If this is your first attempt of accepting this offer from LORDS MOBILE requires that you have the app open for 15 minutes and you didn't receive the coins, then check the "reward status" on your platform.
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    Could you take a look at Common questions topic where you can find your answer and how to go about this.