Appeal for the new league .

  • Dionis Berisha , Kosovo

    January , 16th 2019

    To whom this may concern,

    Im writing to request an appeal you because , me as player of online soccer manager since 2010 , also other managers , from Albania and Kosovo , i would like to ask from you to add Leage of Kosovo into OSM , like you see in attachment , datas for this league are added on ( .
    I espect from your staff to considering this reuqest because is something right to do , and Kosovo and Albania are a lot players which ones continuesly play osm , and also both countries are in top 100 , in country rank , also there are to many crews which ones playes crew battles , whith hope one day their dream come true , to play in League of Kosovo .

    • we tryed from Topics in Forums , but we was not well welcomed from some moderators of countries which ones we was and still are , in politic war .

    I hope you will look foward , and accept this request , because for our people it matter a lot , i will hope for positive answer .

    Sincerely ,

    Dionis Berisha ,
    manager since 2010.

  • @mendi_123 Hi, welcome.

    Unfortunately this is not something we can provide you support with.

    It has been requested often enough and the awnser will not change, the final decision to add the Kosovo league is up to GB.

    When they decide to add that league it will be announced.