• What is pressing? because you can choose it in tactics, but I don't know what it is for. Some say it is how closely you guard your opponent, while others say it is where your defense is positioned on the field. Please help me.

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    The definition of pressing in sports is to basically chase your opponent in the field, like, have you ever encountered the commentators during the soccer matches where they say "Oh wow look at that pressing", it basically has the meaning of all the players chasing the ball and trying to get it back under their possession.

    So, in OSM it's practically the same.

    0 to 19% - don't press - literally does not chase the ball/players and your team will make less efforts to get the ball back for themselves, choosing this option you will clearly notice at the game stats (After the game has been played) that your possession will clearly be lower than your opponent(s).

    19 to 39% - sit deep - with this we understand that your players will sit deep in the defense line and will not chase the ball that often.

    39 to 59% - balanced - the pressing with this option is balanced. This means that your players will apply pressing when needed.

    59 to 79% - close down opposition - having this option selected will make your players circle the opposition from every direction and try to steal the ball from them by applying a medium-high pressure towards the opposition.

    79 to 100% - press high up the pitch - selecting this one will force your players to give everything they got to retrieve the ball, if your players have low fitness and you have this option selected they might be overused and it clearly will not bring you good results, I personally would not recommend you this option but it is very useful if you have a weaker team and you wanna aim high to reach your objective in the league.


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