Problem with boss coins reward

  • Hi, I have a problem with a boss coins reward claim. I started an offer for Lords Mobile (Download Lords Mobile and Hit a Level 2 Monster). I actually did it, but I didn't get my reward for some reason. In offer list its showing up like "866 Boss Coins (Started)" and I can't hit the button.

    Here is bug template:
    Login: Wolfhrat
    Account: (Atletico Madrid [Maxi League), Sassuolo [Serie A], Empty, Empty)
    League number: Can't find it
    Date & Time of the bug: 1.17.2019, 10:00 PM
    Platform: Android mobile
    Screenshots: (there is a 3 screenshots with proof of bug)
    Bug step-by-step Description:

    1. I clicked on offer for Lords Mobile reward "Hit a level 2 monster"
    2. I played a game to reach that level
    3. You have a screenshot of the 1st photo where can be seen that I started that offer
    4. On 2nd photo you can see that I researched Level II Monster Hunt in Lords Mobile
    5. On 3rd photo you can see that I hit level 2 Monster in the left side (99.98%)
    6. This is my first time playing Lords Mobile so it can't be a problem

    App Version:
    Brand/type device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    OS version: 7.0

    I hope you'll help me ASAP.

  • @Wolfhrat Greetings 🤝,

    Some of the reasons for why you might not receive your reward are the following:

    • You might have installed Lords Mobile at least ONCE already (even if it is 1 or 2 years ago) so the system will recognize that it is your phone or you have tried to install the game before.
    • You might have tried similar offers on different games that involved the installment of Lords Mobile, thus it is not giving you the reward on OSM now.
    • Your IP is identical ( but someone else from your network has completed this offer)
    • Same Apple ID or PlayStore user trying to do the offers again, this might be one of the reasons that you aren't receiving the reward too. You probably tried it on an iPhone and now you're doing it with an Android or vice-versa.
    • Time limitation: This is usually not known but you have a specific time to finish your task. Personally I never knew how much time you get for finishing this.
    • Wrongfully clicked more than two LORDS MOBILE offers, if this happens the game will not reward you.
    • 48 hour delay - some offers take up to 48 or 72 hours to give you the reward, if you do not receive it by now then something else is wrong.

    If you're 100% sure that none of the above has happened to you then you must send an e-mail to the one that is providing the offer to you. You must provide proof to them that you have finished the offer but the coins are not being rewarded to you. You must also provide them with a special code that is assigned to your account depending on which platform you completed the offer, you find the support team e-mail and let them know everything.

    I'm sure of one thing though, OSM has nothing to do with this as they're not responsible for rewarding you, they simply connect you with the offer and if the offer is completed right then you get the coins automatically.

  • The only thing which seems wrong is that I clicked more than two offers for Lords Mobile. All of these things seems okay, except this one about more offers.
    So, what I'm supposed to do? I will not get reward, and it was only waste of time?

  • @wolfhrat Yes, it was a waste of time.

    These offers are a one-time thing only. If you click one, then you have to finish that one, not anything else because it simply won't work. It happened to me as well.

  • But what will happen with other offers? I clicked only once on them, but there is 3 more offers for Lords Mobile, so is there any chance to get reward for any of them?

    BTW Thanks for response, I appreciate it.

  • @wolfhrat If you remember the first offer that you clicked with the LORDS MOBILE then only that one will work, the rest won't.

  • @Wolfhrat
    Thank you both for your posts. 🤝
    I believe this case was explained in every detail from @Joe-McNorthMan .👌