Can you sell the same player to a club and buy him back?

  • Hey guys, i made a deal with my IRL friend and we had to trade players and some funds to the deal as well, can you sell and buy the same player to the same club on the same matchday?

  • @progig Hello! 🤝

    Rule number 7 of OSM terms which can be found at this link state:

    7.You may not buy and/or sell players for the purposes of artificially giving another manager in your league money, this makes for unfair competition.

    I don't think you can do that, unless, your friend has a different IP than yours and you guys don't trade players with each other under some very cheap amounts which would clearly give you all an advantage against the other players.

  • Hi, welcome.

    First of all I really need you to take a look at our osm terms.
    As our terms 7 clearly states that kind of gameplay is against our terms, so it's also not possible sell/buy on same matchday.