E.Sala : We hope you return safely

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    Hi guys , I think everyone knows what happened to the player Sala

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    Daniel Rivero, a director at the football club where Emiliano Sala played as a child, holds aloft a Nantes shirt given to San Martín by the missing player.

    The world is sad because of this news ، Argentina is very sad Emiliano Sala dominates news, thoughts and prayers in Argentina .

    In two small, tightknit towns, locals hold the footballer dear, wait for updates and still hope for a miracle.

    Emiliano Sala made a name for himself in France, playing for Bordeaux and Nantes among other clubs, but grew up in Argentina and the shock of what has happened to him is felt as much there as it is in Europe.

    The 28-year-old was travelling from Nantes to Cardiff on Monday night when the plane, a Piper PA‑46, disappeared off the radar. It has not yet been found despite an extensive search, and the rescue operation – which included help from the Channel Islands, UK and France – was suspended for the day at 10pm (GMT) on Saturday.

    The disappearance of the aircraft has dominated the media in Argentina since the news broke, with speculation regarding dark motives behind its disappearance and stories of his early beginnings in the towns of Cululú, where he was born, and Progreso, where he grew up, both in the central province of Santa Fe.

    The news has deeply affected the combined population of 2,000 people in the towns, where Sala is adored as the local boy who made it to the international big leagues. In both, locals have gathered at masses dedicated to the player.

    “We’re in shock, we’ve held a ring of prayer all morning with much of the town taking part,” Alberto Gudiño, an official of the San Martín football club, where Sala played until age 15, told the TN television channel. “We can’t believe what’s happening.”

    Only last weekend, people in both towns had celebrated the announcement of Sala’s transfer to Cardiff for a fee of £15m. The love was mutual, and Sala returned often for month-long stays, eating Argentine beef at the “asados” – Argentinian-style barbecues – prepared by his brother Darío.


    #Sala : I hope you're alive and I hope the smile comes back on your face..

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    Please put any new event here , We must have humanity.

    I also extend my full sorrow to the Argentine people


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    Emiliano Sala latest live updates as Argentina’s president joins calls for rescuers to continue search

    New Cardiff City signing Sala was on an aircraft bound for the Welsh capital when it disappeared

    According to a statement from the premier’s office, Mauricio Macri has told his foreign minister to issue formal requests to Britain and France for search efforts to be resumed.

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    I never knew about these terrible news before you posted it in here . It's like a horror story and so sad ...very sad...
    But Hashim are you alright dear? 😟
    Try to stay calm about it. All we can do is pray and wish for a miracle now. 🙏
    Such a tragedy for his family... Such pain... 😢